Friends of The High Lakes clean up day,
to celebrate National Public Lands Day,
September 29, 2007


We had a super turnout for our First Annual Friends of The High Lakes cleanup, in "celebration" of National Public Lands Day.


We had 58 brave people show up, and drove across some freak snow, for this time of year, and 28° , blustery, fierce wind, and work their hearts out and did a tremendous amount of trail work.


We had about 30 rigs, and 7 trailers. 5 of the trailers came out empty, and the two that had anything was a few bags each. A minuscule amount of garbage from what we thought, based on some reports, would be much more.


A total of 712 ½ hours were donated by 58 people, who drove a total of 5,448 miles round trip to work to help do the trail work.


We got 6 routes cleared of all downfall, blocked several by-passes and

work-arounds, and cleared branches and over-growth (some with snowy branches).


We also passed out lots of brochures to every rig of all varieties we met there, and that too was very well received. Because of the educational brochure we are seeing growth in the amount of people who are joining (via the database), and very happy to know what is open and what is closed and even two more donations.


Local businesses and individuals who donated supplies like gloves and garbage bags included: Holiday Market, Magalia; Save-Mart Market, Paradise; Pines True Value Hardware,Magalia; Ace Hardware,Paradise; Paradise Drug and Medical Supply; Marygrace Colby.


It was a great (but very long and cold) day, and we made it fun too.


Each Team Leader's report follows.



High Lakes Trekkers & 4x4 Trail Finders Report

[Blue on attached map] High Lakes Trekkers & 4x4TrailFinders

Norm Sovereign (530) 877-7025

Ken Knull (550) 873-2430

Nick Repanich (530) 899-2645


North Valley Trail


From the intersection of 6E11 down 5E19 to Bear Lake Camps, and further down 5E19 to Campbell Cow Camp (working only within the open area)

North Valley Trail 5E19


We had 4 vehicles with 7 people drive the 5E19 route from 6E11 to the closure point at Frying Pan Falls. We trimmed snow-covered branches back that were causing vehicles to shift off the route near the top. We cleaned out each fire ring - one at Henry's Flat, two at Bear Lake, and one at the old shake mill/ swimming hole on Rock Creek. There was very little trash, about half a bag total. The large stabilizing rock at the pucker point is intact and unmoved, but this area still needs some work. We did not walk all the way into Pipejam Lake to clean that campsite. We cleared a few logs that partially blocked the road and made people veer around them, though there was none fully blocking the route. We dragged logs and fully blocked every workaround we saw. Three quads came down the road with the intent to go all the way through to Campbell Cow Camp. We explained the closure at the Falls. They were not happy.



Feather River Rock Crawlers

(whose Adopt-a-Trail routes are all blocked by FO closures came to help in other areas, and took Morris Lake route 6E08 from 6E11)


Feather River Rock Crawlers went into Morris Lake with 4 volunteers, picked up two 30 gallon trash bags of garbage, bits of rebar, etc and sifted through the fire rings, restacked the rocks on the rings and picked up brass around the lake.




Pair-O-Dice 4 Wheelers


contacts: Jim Earl (530) 872-8218

[Orange on attached map] Spring Valley Lake around Long / Campbell Loop, and to Grassy Lake. From Spring Valley 6E11 to intersection 6E13 Campbell Lake loop to intersection of 6E14, and 6E11 to 6E14 to Grassy Lake Closure Point.


On the work day we cleaned from Spring Valley 6E11 to 6E14 to the closure past Grassy Lake. Then cleaned from there to Long Lake 6E13. At Long Lake we dug a trench to empty one of the huge puddles and blocked off two bypasses that quads were using to get around it. We moved on cleaning as we went. Picking up plywood, trash and a yucky toilet. We headed out at Campbell Lake and half way up the hill blocked off a bypass that had been created. We finished the circle by cleaning up the trash on 611 back to Spring Valley. We filled a full-sized pickup bed with trash, and carried it to the dump in Paradise.




NorCal Crawlers

contacts: Tim Jacobson (530) 518-4785

Rodger Walther (530) 520-5667


[Yellow on attached map] Ben Lomond and adjacent areas:

From the intersection of 6E11 and 6E08 to Ben Lomomd Lookout including spurs 6E08 (to Morris Lake), TR6E05 (to Morris and Lotts Mines) and 25082UC05 (to near Chips Lake)


Those of us from the Norcal Crawlers who attended, made our way out past Morris Lake and up to the lookout. The trail did not have much trash, but we did end up with at least two 30 gallon trash bags about ½ to ¾ full. Much of the trash was found at the Ben Lomond Lookout itself. Remaining lumber and pieces of the Lookout were not removed, but broken glass, cans and recent trash was removed. Most of the trash on the trail consisted of cans, bottles and papers.


We cleared at least 15 dead snags that had fallen across the road and blocked all noticeable bypass routes. We were assisted by two USFS personnel ( Bobby and Steven) who aided in dropping dead snags to block bypasses as well as several snags that would eventually fall on the trail. As most know, portions of this area were damaged by fire several years ago resulting in a lot of dead trees that continue to fall. This area will required routine clearing to keep the trail open and bypasses closed. As of now, the trail is clear to the lookout and all bypasses are blocked.


We did not clean the Lott or Morris mine areas as we have not yet received the authority by the land owner. However, if and when we get authority, we will take action to clean this piece of private property as it is located within LNF Highlakes area and adjacent to our (Norcal Crawlers) adopt a trail section.




A team led by Gary Gambill, Friends of The High Lakes

Cleared Morris Lake route, and Morris Mine cabin area, removing a bag of garbage and cleared brush and snags.



Unassigned, but several groups are considering.

Covered this date by Rubicon Owners Club of California who are also Friends of The High Lakes members

[Light Blue on the attached map] Soda Ridge Route

All USFS routes from Spring Valley Lake to Lott lake "T", to and including 5E01 to 26N74, 26N74A, 26N15, public portions of 25N05A, 25N05D, 25N09


Two vehicles with two volunteers in each vehicle.


Glenn Odell

Deb Odell

Bob Burwell

Dee Burwell

Route: 5E01 Location: Runs north from 25N05D (NW of Lotts Lake) to 26N74 (Pacific Crest Trail Jct at Poison Springs CG)


Trail Condition: Good - litter not visible due to snow. Just north of the Coon Hollow/ Chips Creek divide we removed one 18" downfall and restored original alignment blocking the braided portion.


Route: 26N74 (headed east to 6E06)

Trail Condition: Neglected for quite sometime based upon the weathered condition of many of the downfalls. The work-around bypasses were well established. We worked six additional locations with multiple downfalls in the 16" - 20" diameter range. The finale was a 30" diameter downfall supported on both ends elevated four feet above the road surface. Many minor debris falls were also cleared along the entire route. On the way out with the snowfall substantially melted, we were pleased to find no litter in the area.


Headed out at 5pm. 6.4 miles worked from the 5E01 information board to approximately the Section 5/6 boundary line. We like this route and would like to complete the work this Spring between Humbug Summit and the Plumas boundary.

Wouldn't that be something to have access to 6E06 from Hwy 70?!?!

downfall on 5E01


typical of all sites

using all tools

last pull

last stop


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